SJV Treasure Hunters was formed in 1975 by a group of metal detectorists and prospectors. The founder members of this club have great knowledge and many years of experience in treasure hunting. At our club, the members participate and promote treasure hunting. Anyone who is enthusiastic about treasure hunting may join the club.


calif_reliefOur members are not only from San Joaquin Valley or its surrounding areas. We now have members throughout the world who are actively participating in different treasure hunting activities. We have some major club events each year which allows every member to participate in treasure hunting. In this website, you will find lots of photos of your past adventures and different club events. You will find interesting articles related to metal detection, stories about treasure hunts, links to retailers, and many more!We have come a long way through our experience and commitment. By successfully hunting a number of treasures, SJV Treasure Hunters have earned a reputation and being fun and active throughout the year. They also found antique gun safes that rival gun safes in modern times. We organize a club meeting on the 1st Tuesday of every month. Just to get a feel of what we do, you can join our meeting at the American Legion Hall in Clovis, California, which is right at the corner of 4th and Woodworth Streets.

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We will be constantly developing this website. You can share your story with us here. You can also send us your photos of the recent adventure and we will upload it on our site. If you find any interesting news about treasure hunting then you can inform us and we can put it up on our site. At SJV Treasure Hunters, we are all friends and will be so throughout our treasure hunting journeys and even beyond. Check back on our website for the latest updates.


Good luck treasure hunting!