logoSJV Treasure Hunters was developed because of our interest in treasure hunting using the latest metal detecting technology. Whenever me and this bunch of guys used to hang around together, all we used to do is talk about treasure hunting. We read through every treasure hunting news, forums, interesting stories and even visited online retailers to look at the new technology. Finally, we thought of being serious about our passion and formed SJV Treasure Hunters.


The first thing we did was learn as much as possible about metal detection and map reading before our first mission. We started our first mission here, in San Joaquin Valley and was surprised about our discovery. Then we explored many more new places and each time we learned something new. Looking at our adventures, many people felt the urge to join our team. Now our group is not small anymore. We currently have about 50 members in our club and the number is growing.


In this website you will find out many interesting facts about tresure hunting. You can also become a member of our club by registering here. We share our thoughts and experiences with you so that you know that there still many things yet to be discovered.