Best treasure hunters of all times

Treasure hunting has been a hobby for many people since very old ages. People always had the curiosity to know the unknown. These great treasure hunters have shown us that there are undiscovered treasures in the world.

E. Lee Spence


He is an American treasure hunter, born in 1947. He has taught people about underwater archaeology. He was an expert in shipwrecks and sunken treasures. He has written for magazines like Diving World, Treasure Diver, Treasure Quest, etc. He started finding shipwrecks at the age of five. He has recovered more than $50 million in artifacts. Through his research, he found out the location of the wrecks of the steamers Central America and Republic. From these steamers, treasure worth a billion dollars has been found.

Captain Robert MacKinnon


He became popular after he found the wreck on the Auguste in 1977. About hundreds of millions of dollars worth artifacts were found. Auguste, a sailing ship, sank at Asy Bay, Nova Scotia in 1761.

Martin Bayerle


He found the legendary shipwreck RMS Republic. This is known to be the greatest treasure recovery of all time. The treasure discovered worth more than $2 million in gold and silver bars and gold coins.

Giovanni Battista Belzoni


This Italian treasure hunter was a pioneer archaeologist of Egyptian antiquities. He removed the colossal bust of Ramessess II. He explored the temple of Edfu. In 1871, he cleared the temple of Abu Simbel of sand. He was the first one to enter the second pyramid of Giza and was the first one to vist the oasis of Bahariya.

Philip Masters


This American treasure hunter led the hunt for the pirates flagship Blackbeard. He was part of the team who found the British warship HMS Feversham that sank in Nova Scotia in 1711. He started the quest for El Salvador and even after his death his company is continuing the search in North Carolina.

These legendary treasure hunters are an inspiration to the modern treasure hunters. Their archaeological knowledge, both over ground and under water, are very helpful for today’s treasure hunters.

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