Welcome to SJV Treasure Hunters!


We do all forms of treasure hunting, including exploring shipwrecks, finding ghost towns, collecting stamps, finding coins, gold or fossil, etc. Many people, like us, are enthusiastic in searching for buried treasure. This club is for those adventurous people.


You can become a member of our club for only $30 a year. Membership includes buried treasure hunts, solving puzzles, club events, and club newspaper.  There will be one big club even each year where the members meet and exchange their thoughts.  There will be a big club hunt where every member will participate. If any club hunt remains unsolved then the new members will get a chance to solve them. Every member will be reminded on their membership renewals through mail one month before the end of the membership period. It is preferable that you use PayPal to become a new member or renew your membership. In case you don’t have PayPal, you can use debit card or credit card also.


Treasure hunting gives you hours of excitement as you search books and maps and to try to discover a hidden spot where treasure is buried. There is nothing like finding a treasure by yourself. So, here is a chance to show your bravery and talent. Join us and together let us uncover all the hidden treasures of the world!